June 16, 2016

Legal Leads and Calls

imagesWe have a Google Adwords campaign running that is generating targeted inbound legal calls and leads.

These are high quality legal calls & leads since…

They are all coming from Google pay per call campaigns

So they are laser targeted

They are targeting mobile searchers specifically…

Who are looking for legal help “right now”

The contact rate is phenomenal since they are live inbound calls routed to you directly

All calls are verified thru our US based salaried call handlers…

Which means there is no high pressure sales tactics for these leads… Just callers genuinely looking for legal help today.

Since these are pay per call campaigns on Google, there are NO leads from affiliates, co-reg platforms, exit pops…

None of that stuff that creates a marginal lead that may not really be looking for legal help.

We currently have calls & leads that are not going anywhere, so here is your chance to get some of the highest quality real time legal calls and leads available…

Click Which Lead Type from the two Links below and submit for a quote.

[Click here to get further information on Inbound Call Leads]

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Child Support/Child Custody
Criminal Defense
Real Estate Law
Employment Law : General
Employment Law : Wrongful Termination
Employment Law : Unpaid Wages
Personal Injury General
Personal Injury Auto Accident
Medical Malpractice
Workers Compensation
Tax Debt
Traffic Violations

[Click here to get further information on Inbound Call Leads] [Click here for Inbound Form Leads]


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